10L Best Value Double Jacketed Glass Reactor Turnkey Setup

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BVV Double Jacketed Glass Reactor Turnkey Setups include all the neccessary items to perform efficient reactions in a safe and timely manner. Our setups are pieced together by industry experts who have used each of the items thoroughly and have complete understanding of reaction processes. We use the highest quality vacuum systems and chillers to ensure speed and maximum throughput. For consluting on your specific needs, please give us a call so we can discuss which setup might be best for your lab. 

10L Double Jacketed Glass Reactor Turnkey Setup Includes:

  • 10L Best Value Double Jacketed Glass Reactor
  • Welch 2.3 cfm High Capacity 4-Head Oil-Free Diaphragm Chemical Vacuum Pump
  • Polyscience 15 Liter Advanced Digital Refrigerated Circulator (-30°C/200°C)
  • 20ft of Vacuum Tubing 
  • 20ft of Chiller Tubing 
  • 10 Pack of Adjustable Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • 3/8" Vacuum Manifold
  • Vacuum Jacket Adapter w/ Valve
  • 2x Jacket Fittings
  • Your choice of the following: 1.5 Gallon (2QT Tank) Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap, BVV CT40 -40°F 300ml x 3 Cold Trap, BVV CT80 -112°F 300ml x 3 Cold Trap 
  • Optional add on: J-KEM DVR-200 Digital Vacuum Regulator 
  • Optional add-on: Heat Transfer Fluid -- NuTherm PF-50 or Dynalene HC-50

Q: Which Cold Trap should I select?

A: The 1.5 Gallon Dry Ice Cold Trap is the most affordable option but dry ice is needed for proper use. The BVV CT40 and the CT80 are both electronic cold traps which only require about 1 gallon of denatured alcohol for proper use. They do not require dry ice. The CT40 and CT80 both come standard with 3 traps but, the CT80 is always recommended due to the difficult condensation rate of some vapors. The CT80 will maximize trapping, effectively extending the life of your vacuum system and other components.

Q: How is the J-KEM DVR-200 used in the setup?

A: The J-KEM DVR-200 is a digital vacuum regulator with vacuum monitoring software. This piece of equipment allows you to control the vacuum level within .1 Torr. This will allow you to maintain a set vacuum level during the entirety of the reaction.