2L Best Value Rotary Evaporator Turnkey Setup

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2L Electric Lift Rotary Evaporator turnkey setup includes all the neccessary components to successfully perform solvent recovery via rotary evaporation. A cold trap should always be used inline between your vacuum system and application to protect the pump from volatile vapors. 

2L Rotary Evaporator Turnkey Setup includes:

  • 2L Electric Lift Rotary Evaporator 
  • Welch 0.9 cfm DryFast 2 Head PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 
  • Polyscience LS -20C to 40C 1/2HP Chiller w/ Turbine Pump 
  • 20ft of Vacuum Tubing
  • 20ft of Chiller Tubing
  • 10 Pack of Adjustable stainless steel hose clamps
  • 3/8" Vacuum Manifold
  • Optional add-on : BVV CT40 -40°F 300ml x 3 Cold Trap, BVV CT80 -112°F 300ml x 3 Cold Trap 
  • Optional add-on: J-KEM DVR-200 Digital Vacuum Regulator 
  • Optional add-on: Heat Transfer Fluid -- NuTherm PF-50 or Dynalene HC-50

Rotovap Quick Start Guide

This guide gives basic quick start instructions for rotovaps. It is intended to provide a starting point for learning the process. Parameters should be adjusted to suit specific needs.

  • Clean and assemble unit. Make sure all pieces are cleaned and sterilized using an alcohol solution.
  • Connect chiller to the condenser and set to 0C (32F). Always fill a rotovap condenser from the top down (chiller output to top of the condenser, chiller input to bottom of the condenser).
  • Connect vacuum pump to cold trap and connect cold trap to the vacuum port on rotovap.
  • Turn on heat bath and set to 40C (113F).
  • Once heat bath, chiller, and cold trap have reached desired temperatures, turn on the rotovap motor and set the speed to approximately 100 RPM (does not have to be precise). Keep in mind, higher RPM’s will increase evaporation power but also increase heat load.
  • Start vacuum pump and allow vacuum to pull down for a few minutes before injection.
  • Once the vacuum has been pulled to a sufficient level (does not have to be precise but should be below 100 Torr), using the injection valve, very slowly inject approximately 500 mL of solution into evaporating flask and then close the valve. Allow this small amount to begin evaporating. You may see the chiller begin to rise in temperature, this is called “priming” the rotovap.
  • Once the temperature stops rising or all liquid is almost completely evaporated, open the injection valve again very slowly so that a small amount of liquid begins to enter the evaporating flask. Do not close injection valve this time but continue to allow the solution to enter the evaporating flask. 
  • At this point, you must try to match the input speed to the output speed. What this means is that you should be injecting the same amount of liquid into the rotovap that is equal to the amount of liquid dripping from the condenser into the receiving flask. You will know that the input speed and output speed are matched because the chiller will remain at a stable temperature. If the chiller begins to rise, then you are injecting too much liquid. Dial back the valve until the chiller stabilizes.
  • Once everything is stabilized, you may walk away from the rotovap if necessary. Check every so often to make sure temperatures remain stable and evaporation continues efficiently.