5L Digital Heating and Stirring Mantle

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Digital Heating and Stirring Mantles give the operator the most precise temperatures and readouts during distillations. These "smart" mantles self adjust to specific user input and will repeat results time and again. Each mantle is equipped with large digital display that will give you readouts for both set temperature, actual temperature, and stirring speed. Each mantle also comes with a vertical brace bar and boss head as well as a temperature probe which plugs directly into the mantle. For first time use, the mantle should have an initial burn out done. This will burn off any residual oils used in the production of the insulation rope. 


Capacity: 5L (5000mL)
Power Supply: 110V 60Hz
Adjustable Rotation Speed: 50-1800 RPM
Motor Power: 40W, DC14-24V
Heating Power 180-2200W
Temperature Control Accuracy: +/- 1C
Intelligent Temperature Control:  Yes
Temperature Range: 0-380C
Insulation Material: Alkali-free Glass Fiber, temperature resistant up to 450C
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 14 in.
Weight:  12 lbs