5LB Mercurius Jacketed Active Bidirectional Extractor with CMEP-OL Recovery Pump

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All Closed Loop Systems come standard with Nai-Lock valves, and In-Line Sight Glass.

DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well-ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors

  • This system REQUIRES a temperature control system and comes standard with a Polyscience LX Immersion Circulator and Water Pump.
  • If you already have a chiller or heated circulator you can select the 'None' option.

Mercurius Active Bidirectional Extractor with CMEP-OL Recovery Pump 
(Comes with 1 yr. Limited warranty)

The Mercurius system is a rack-mounted MK-V that is specifically built to be run actively. Bi-directional solvent input prevents channeling and ensures a full yield is achieved. The Mercurius system also features a CMEP-OL recovery kit standard. The CMEP-OL has a coil bypass built onto the output to re-loop hot vapors back to the top of the material column. This is used to pressurize the material column after extraction to clear/assist in recovering the column.

The Mercurius system features a recovery manifold that is also used as the overflow path when bottom filling. This allows the column to be recovered independently from the collection base. With this plumbing, the user is able to utilize the evaporative cooling properties of the extraction solvents. By injecting a small amount of solvent into a closed material column, slightly wetting the material, then recovering this solvent, the material is frozen once all solvent flips phase. This method, paired with an injection coil, ensures efficient dewaxing happens without excessive dry ice or expensive chilling units.

This system is entirely rack mounted, giving this highly efficient system a small footprint. The rack also features a small shelf on the rear for tools and condensing coil.

• Rack Mounting
• Bi-Directional Solvent flow 
• Recovery Manifold for column and collection base recovery
• Active Recovery for both collection and material column
• Hot Vapor Loop
• Jacketed collection base
• Condensing Coil for efficient recovery
• 3/8” Lines
• High-Pressure Clamps
• Injection coil and ability to utilize solvent evaporative cooling for efficient dewaxing
• Stainless steel recovery tank

80-20 Rack
Jacketed Collection Base
4” x 48” Vacuum Insulated Material Column
Bi-Directional Solvent Input Manifold
Recovery Manifold
#50 Stainless Steel LP Tank
High-Pressure Clamps
CMEP-OL Recovery Pump
Rack Mounted Molecular Sieve
Sleeved Injection Coil
Condensing Coil for recovery

Optional Upgrades: 
LP Tank:

  • The 5lb Mercurius System comes standard with a #50 Stainless Steel LP Tank.
  • #50 Jacketed W/ Inner Coil LP + Polyscience 28L Refrigerated Circulator
    By choosing the Jacket LP, the standard tank will be swapped with a jacketed version with internal condensing coil. The internal coil is hooked up to a chiller to circulate chilled fluid, ensuring pressures are kept low. This will help to maintain efficient recovery. The external jacket is used for vacuum insulation, helping to reduce heat exchange with ambient environment.