AI Accessories EZ-Swap Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Mist Filter with KF25 Fittings

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Our new EZ-Swap series vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filter is re-designed to allow you to exam and replace filter element in a snap. Built-in observation window gives you easy visual access to filter element without opening the filter. The new filter element is now 50% bigger, providing a faster pumping rate and longer element life cycle. This filter eliminates vacuum oil mist from polluting your work environment, it also returns trapped pump oil back to the pump and makes pumps much quieter to run.

Comes with one replaceable filter element (installed), one KF25 clamp and one centering ring.


 Filter height
 7 inches
 Filter diameter
 3.5 inches
 Outlet  KF25
 Observation window
 0.5 inch diameter
 Filter material
 Chromed stainless steel
 Replaceable filter element  2 3/8 inches diameter, 3 1/2 inches height