Buchi Rotavapor R-100, 24/40 P+G Dry Ice Condenser, I-100, V-100

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On 1/23/2015, BUCHI, the inventor of rotary evaporators, launched the R-100 rotary evaporator, an entry level Rotavapor® to meet the essential needs in evaporation and BUCHI’s high quality standards.

Ai is now the official dealer of Buchi products. These rotavapor systems are made in Switzerland with two-year warranty directly from Buchi Corporation.


  • Effective Rotavapor for limited budgets
  • No chiller needed, utilizes dry ice for optimal efficiency
  • Fundamental design fulfills essential needs of evaporation
  • High longevity thanks to high quality material

Solid and proven

  • Reliable operation due to robust design
  • Quick and ergonomic operation with smooth manual lift mechanism
  • Easy flask handling and vapor duct removal thanks to multifunctional Combi-Clip


  • Easy operation by integrating interface, vacuum pump and recirculating chiller
  • Expandable with a wide range of accessories and various glass assemblies
  • Flexibility to use the independent heating bath for further applications

The following are included in this package

  • R-100 with manual lift
  • One 1L evaporation flask
  • One 1L receiving flask
  • Transparent PLASTIC+GLAS (P+G) safety coating
  • Vertical cold trap (dry ice) condenser
  • SJ 24/40 joint
  • I-100 interface
  • V-100 chemical resistant PTFE diaphragm pump
  • B-100 heating bath: temperature range of 20°C to 95°C for evaporating flasks up to 4 Liter
  • 110V (11100C2102) or 220V (11100C2101)

Optional components

  • Recirculating water condenser with cooling coils
  • 4L evaporation flask
  • 3L receiving flask
  • Ai C30-17 -30°C 17L volume recirculating chiller
  • ULVAC DTC-41 dual-stage 1.6 cfm PTFE chemical-resistant diaphragm pump
  • Flask cork ring stand

More detail specs on Buchi's website

Premier Care Plan (Just launched in 2015)

The best just got better...Introducing Premier Care for Rotavapors. Owning a Rotavapor® means having the best – and we are happy to keep it that way!

BUCHI is proud to offer you our NEW Premier Care Plan. If you are using a BUCHI bench-scale Rotavapor, even if your Rotavapor is an original from 1957, you are eligible to have a BUCHI Evaporation Specialist clean, inspect, and test your instrument, free of charge. BUCHI will make sure that its appearance, functionality, and performance match the quality that has been synonymous with the BUCHI name for nearly 75 years.

  • Free visit by an Evaporation Specialist*
    - Up to 2 free visits for each bench-scale Rotavapor per year
    - Free of charge
    - Answer your evaporation questions
    - Demonstrate tips to optimize your evaporation process
  • Cleaning of the BUCHI bench-scale Rotavapor, Vacuum Pump, and Recirculating Chiller
    - Clean exterior of each item
    - Clean and scrub the water batch
    - Clean the glass condenser assembly
    - Clean pump valves and heads
    - Drain and flush the Recirculating Chiller
  • Multi-point inspection and performance test
    - Vacuum leak test of bench-scale Rotavapor
    - Vacuum pump performance test

* Up to 2 free cleanings/inspections for each bench-scale Rotavapor per year. BUCHI Premier Care Plan is only available at this time for customers in the USA that have purchased their Rotavapor from BUCHI Corporation or a certified BUCHI Distributor.

Your safety is important to us! Please use caution when operating. Users of glass reaction equipment must take all necessary precautions to avoid contact with rotating parts, particularly entanglement of loose clothing, hair, necklaces, or other jewelry. Under these circumstances, the winding action of the rotating parts can draw the user(s) into the apparatus, resulting in breakage of glassware, burns, and/or chemical exposure. Extra caution must also be taken when operating with air-reactive materials, especially under vacuum. A leak can draw air into the apparatus and cause a violent reaction to occur.