JKEM DVR-1000 Precision Vacuum Regulator w/ Laptop and Valve

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JKEM model DVR-1000 vacuum and pressure regulators maintain pressure to 0.1 torr in reactors and equipment with volumes as small as 1 mL.  Built from J-KEM's Infinity Controller, these instruments can be customized to automate virtually any laboratory or quality control task involving the regulation of vacuum or pressure.  For applications requiring both evacuations and repressurization, a Back-Fill option is available for the DVR-1000.

KEM-Torr software (included) displays a real-time plot of system pressure, implements a 16-step pressure ramp, data logging and remote PC control. Custom features can often be added at no additional charge. The DVR-1000 communicates via a standard 9-pin connector using an RS232 protocol, this allows communication with the controller using a standard PC comm port.


  • Precise regulation of +/-0.1 torr of volumes as small as 1mL
  • 100% digital pressure entry and control
  • Precision, multi-stage vacuum distillations
  • Automatically compensates for leaks in the equipment under test
  • Maintains constant precise pressure, even in systems with a continuous gas purge
  • Twelve step pressure ramps eliminates bumping
  • Resists all organic solvents and acids bases water
  • Comes standard with 1/4" Swagelok vacuum connector and cable
  • No mercury
  • Customizable
    • Add temperature or pressure channels
    • Custom programming for unique applications
    • Define output events based on time, temperature or pressure

Detail specs on J-KEM's website


 Model  DVR-1000
 Electrical requirements
 120VAC or 230VAC 1-Phase
 Accuracy  0.1%
 Transducer diaphragm  Stainless steel
 Proof pressure  200%
 Controller regulation  0.015% of range
 Resolution  0.1 torr or 0.01 psi
 Vapor path materials  Stainless steel and Teflon
 Ramp rates  100 torr/second to 0.1 torr/hour
 Proportioning valve
 100ml to 22L capacity with 1/4" stainless steel compression fittings
 Unit weight
 4 Lb
 Unit dimensions  
 8 x 6.5 x 3" (WxDxH)
 Warranty  Electronics: two year
 Transducer and vacuum valve: 6 months, but void if damaged by chemical buildup.


Standard package

 Part description


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 JKEM DVR-1000 precision vacuum regulator
1 pc

 Netbook pc with pre-loaded KEM-Torr software
1 set
 100ml to 22L vacuum proportioning valve with 1/4" stainless steel compression fittings
1 set
 USB data cable
1 pc  
 3-prong US 110V power cord 1 pc  
 User's manual 1 pc