Vaccum Drying 7.5CF Lab Series Oven - 5 Wall Heating, Touch Screen, LED's, Electronic Valves - 4 Shelves Standard

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7.5CF Lab Series Vacuum Oven

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Best Value Vacs Lab Series Vacuum Ovens

Our Lab Series Vacuum Ovens are built for the serious professional. We’ve modified the heating coils to improve temperature uniformity by over 30%, offering our most accurate oven yet. Coupled with an improved powdered-stainless interior, oven rails, and touchscreen controller, the operation has never been simpler.

Features and Specifications:

-          Welded steel vacuum lines offer highest possible ultimate vacuum level

-          Best temperature stability and uniformity offered

-          Bright, streamlined, powdered-stainless, professional quality interior finish

-          Ships with 4 shelves, with a maximum of 13.

-          120V/5A Fused outlet extension- plug your vacuum pump directly into the oven!

-          Solenoid electrovalves offer deeper, more resilient vacuum hold

-          Updated and improved touchscreen controller now featuring timed and delay-start runs

-          Wider vacuum bore and internal lines to quickly reach desired vacuum level