Brass Hex Coupler - Female NPT

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Best Value Vacs brand Brass parts are clean and free from burrs or debris. These fittings are NPT threads (National Pipe Taper) and will compress against other Female/Male NPT threads creating a tighter and tighter connection. All NPT threads require thread sealant to create a watertight and gas-tight seal between the threads. We recommend using Yellow Gas PTFE Tape because it is rated for gases and is UL listed and it is NOT recommended to use white PTFE tape because it is not rated for gas service.

These Brass Hexy Couplers are used to connect to male threaded NPT connections. Brass fittings are generally used for fluid circulation applications because they are much more cost-effective, but they are not meant to be in contact with any food or drinks. 

Material Brass
Connection Type(s): 1/4"-18 FNPT
  1/2"-14 FNPT
Sizes Available: 1/4"