Bullseye Precision Vacuum Gauge

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The Bullseye Precision Vacuum Gauge by Digivac is the most powerful, accurate vacuum gauge on the market. With the ability to measure all the way down to 1 micron, this vacuum gauge is ideal for any vacuum system. 


  • Visual Graphing Feature 
  • Vacuum Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends
  • Graphical display for quick determination of vacuum level
  • Hands-free with a strong magnet
  • Long battery life and versatility with 12 different measuring units including micron, Torr, and inches of mercury


  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 4 in
  • Vacuum Reference: Absolute
  • Units: Torr, mbar, bar, kPa, Inches of Hg, mm Hg, millitorr, microns, inches of water, PSI, Pa
  • Total Range: 1E-4 - 1000 Torr
  • Range Accuracry: .001 - 2.0 Torr
  • Sensor Type: Thermocouple
  • Portable: Yes
  • Vacuum Interface: 1/8" MNPT