Conical Flask Part

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Glass Conical Flasks are used to capture and store material when used with a Buchner funnel or glass funnel. These conical flasks are flat bottomed and come with ground 24/40 joint and if used in a vacuum application requires vacuum grease to help create an airtight vacuum seal during the process.

Sizes Available:

  • 250ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 500ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 1000ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 2000ml - 24/40 Ground Joint
  • 3000ml - 24/40 Ground Joint

***Notice to Customers: All units are inspected for broken glass or parts before the unit is shipped. If unit arrives damaged or glass is broken (this does not include minor imperfections or scuffs in glassware), Customer MUST contact Best Value Vacs within 3 days of delivery to file a claim and receive a replacement part. If customer DOES NOT contact Best Value Vacs within 3 days of delivery responsibility for replacement parts falls on the customer and they must pay for replacement pieces.***