Drying Oven Parts CT40 -40°F 300ml x 3 Cold Trap

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The CT40 Electronic Cold Trap is used to condense vapors lost in vacuum applications before they reach the vacuum system. This prolongs the life of the vacuum system, reduces the need to change oil frequently, and efficiently traps vapors otherwise lost to evaporation such as terpenes. The CT40 model reaches a maximum temp of -40F under vacuum and contains three traps for maximum efficiency and condensation of vapors. Place in-line between your application and your vacuum system. 


  • Temp Range: -40F to Ambient
  • Internal Dimensions: 180mm Internal Diameter x 210mm Depth (Holds about 1.4 gallons)
  • External Dimensions: 465 x 560 x 710mm
  • Weight: 94lbs
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • 3x Pyrex Glass Traps
  • 110V Power