Insulation Jacket with Window for Ai R Series Glass Reactors

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High quality thermo insulation jacket with open/close viewing window and top/bottom adjustable drawstrings, specially designed and made for Ai R series glass reactors.

This jacket will greatly increase the efficiency of your recirculating chiller, it will extend the life of the chiller compressor, allow your coolant temperature to go further down, and cut your utility bill dramatically.

Chilling your glass reactor without a jacket is like leaving your food in the freezer with the door open.

Insulation Material Specifications

 Fiber glass diameter  8.8 um (white)
 Heat conductivity  0.034 W/m.K
 Temperature tolerance  1.2%
 Loss on ignition  1.1%
 Fe2O3  0.23%
 CaO  23.19%
 Na2O  0.44%
 K2O  0.097%
 TiO2  0.50%
 FeO  0.13%
 Outer jacket  Special thermo coated fiber