Krytox GPL 207 PFPE/PTFE Grease

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Krytox GPL 207 grease is the product of choice in extreme temperature conditions. Most petroleum products begin to degrade above 99 °C (210 °F) and are too viscous at temperatures just below –18 °C (0 °F). Under the D-3336 test conditions of 177 °C (350 °F) and 10,000 rpm, the majority of competing hydrocarbon lubricants fail in less than 1,000 hr. But, the general purpose line of Krytox lubricants has been shown to last over 5,000 hr without failure, even at an increased temperature of 200 °C (392 °F). This extreme condition performance is what distinguishes Krytox performance lubricants from other competing products.

Krytox GPL 207 grease is cost-effective across a wide range of applications. Due to their inert nature, Krytox lubricants provide a much longer usable life as compared to typical hydrocarbon oils and greases; and the longer usable life allows them to remain for considerable periods of time before needing to be replaced if they are replaced at all. That translates to savings over time, both by lowering the amount of lubricant purchased and any downtime incurred during re-lubrication.

Standard Krytox lubricants contain only carbon, oxygen, and fluorine; whereas, hydrocarbons contain hydrogen. The absence of hydrogen greatly increases the stability of the lubricants and renders them nonflammable with no flash point. They will not burn or support combustion, even in an environment of 100% liquid or gaseous oxygen.

Krytox performance lubricants are not only resistant to oxygen, but they are also inert to virtually all chemicals used in a variety of industries. They are insoluble in most solvents but are soluble in highly fluorinated fluids and some supercritical fluids, such as CO2.

At elevated temperatures and pressures, PFPE oils are highly resistant to attack by gaseous and liquid oxygen. As a result, Krytox oils and greases have become preferred lubricants in the oxygen manufacturing industry and in those industries that use oxygen.

Krytox Data Sheet

Krytox SDS

Material PFPE/PTFE
Specifcations Met ASTM D2595/ASTM D6184
Estimated Useful Temperature Range:  
°C -30-288
°F -22-550
Oil Viscosity, cSt:  
20°C(68°F) 1535
40°C(104°F) 450
100°C(212°F) 42
204°C(400°F) 6
260°C(500°F) 3.3
Oil Viscosity Index 145
Oil Pour Point:  
°C -30
°F -22