Vacuum Oven 7.5CF Premium Turnkey Setup

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BVV Vacuum oven turnkey setups include all the neccessary components to begin vacuum purging and drying immediately. Each setup is pieced together by industry experts who have used each of the items thoroughly and have complete understanding of the vacuum purging and drying process. We use the highest quality components to ensure maximum speed and evaporation capability. For consulting on your specific needs, please give us a call. 

7.5CF Vacuum Oven Premium Turnkey Setup inlcudes:

Q: How is the J-KEM DVR-200 used in this setup? 

A: The J-KEM DV-200 is a digital vacuum regulator with vacuum monitoring software. This piece of equipment allows you to control vacuum within .1 Torr. This will allow you to pinpont specific things you are attempting to evaporate while leaving essentials such as terpenes intact. 

Q: What is the purpose of a cold trap?

A: Cold traps are used to trap any vapors lost during evaporation before they reach the vacuum system. This significantly prolongs the lifespan of your vacuum system and also allows you to recover volatile compounds that might have been lost during evaporation such as terpenes. The BVV CT40 and CT80 are electronic cold traps which only need about 1 gallon of denatured alcohol to work properly. They do not need dry ice.